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The consulting group at Myqualityteam comprises of highly experienced, seasoned quality professionals with decades of experience in compliance, accreditation and quality. The team combines exceptional set of individuals with regulatory and accreditation expertise. 


The designated team member who have a sound knowledge on various requirements (policies, procedures, and processes) will work with you to first understand your requirements and then customize your need as per the gap analysis. They will then hand hold and train, mentor to become self-sufficient in not only meeting those requirements but being able to address troubleshoot and implement effective solutions.

The area includes but not limited to:                                    

1. Medical laboratories seeking NABL (ISO/IEC 15189) accreditation

2. Testing and calibration laboratories seeking NABL (ISO/IEC 17025) accreditation

3. Clinical trials laboratories seeking GCLP compliance

4. Clinical trial organisations seeking GCP compliance

5. NABH Accreditation for HCO & SHCO

6. Human ethics committee seeking NABH/SIDCER accreditation

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